Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Being Politically Correct and Fort Hood

Reuters – Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army doctor identified by authorities as the suspect in mass shooting at Fort Hood ...

Fort Hood, what next? Will this country’s bondage to the Politically Correct, be severed, if Muslim extremists get hold of a nuclear device? What will it take before this country wakes up and realizes we are in a struggle for our very existence?

One Muslim extremist is all it takes to reap mass casualties. “In the name of Allah and the Holy Qur'an”, they find their justification to kill. This is a mortal clash between Islamic extremists and the nonbeliever and his way of life. This is not new, since Muhammad led his followers against the nonbelievers in the seventh century, the world has been in a struggle between Islam and those who do not believe.

Are all Muslims extremists? No, the majority of Muslims are not extremists. Furthermore, at times this country has been exposed to terrorism by non-Muslim groups and individuals. But time after time, Muslim extremism has spread havoc since the inception of Islam. Jihad has been the tool to spread Islam and punish the offenders of Islam. There is a repeating pattern of Islamic extremist Jihad and there is no end in sight. Shariah or Sharia law is starting to creep into this country and is spreading across Europe. Beyond the Islamic extremists, others in Islam want to see Sharia Law replace Western Society.

At this time, the Politically Correct on the far left, continue to diminish the threat of Islamic extremism. And at the same time, the far left tries to deflect the threat by highlighting Right- Wingers as the real threat to this country. No one has the right to take the law into their own hands, but we do have the right to know what threats are out there and by whom. Being Politically Correct is not in our best interest.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carbon and Man’s Carbon Footprint

Hominid (early form of man) footprints preserved by a volcanic eruption and rainfall 3.6 million years ago, found in present day Tanzania (1976). Early man’s presence or his ancestors have left footprints and now man is leaving a different type of footprint, called the Carbon Footprint. In 4 million years from now, what kind of footprints will be left behind by man, to be found by those who follow?

To some, carbon is the most dastardly and evil substance since the dawn of time. According to some environmentalists, Man has been increasing his carbon footprint at an alarming rate. His carbon footprint has to be offset by carbon offsets. He has to seek absolution, the modern equivalent of Papal Indulgences for his mortal (carbon) sins. Only the High Priest of Global Warming can forgive his sins. Carbon pollution and the resulting Global Warming are the result of Man. Man has been violating the balance of Nature since he first stepped into the ecosystem. Until Man arrived on the scene, the balance of Nature was intact. It appears that only the eradication of Man will save the earth?

Before the advent of Man, where on this planet we call Earth and in the vast Universe could carbon be found? Well it turns out that after hydrogen, helium and oxygen, carbon is the fourth most abundant element by mass in the Universe. Pure carbon is found as amorphous carbon (soot), graphite (soft steel-gray to black crystalline form, used today in lead pencils) and as diamonds, one of the hardest crystalline substances. Like silicon, carbon has four outer electrons that form four single bonds. In addition to carbon chemically combining with itself, with single bonds, it can form double and triple chemical bonds and bond to many other elements forming organic and inorganic compounds. Following the Big Bang and the creation of Universe (about 14 billion years ago), our solar system evolved about 4.5 billion years ago. Carbon in the form of methane, a hydrocarbon (organic compound) can be found on one of the moons of Jupiter. There don’t appear to be any life forms on Titan to account for the methane. Scientists now believe as the earth has seas of water, there may be seas of methane on the cold surface of Titan. On earth, methane is found as a primary component in natural gas along with other small hydrocarbons; methane is the simplest building block of the non-aromatic hydrocarbons found in petroleum or crude oil. Natural gas, petroleum along with coal, are known as fossil fuels derived from long-buried plants (millions of years ago) and microorganisms. These forms of energy, power our modern industry and way of life.

After the formation of the earth, earlier forms of carbon were found in the early 4.5 billion year old atmosphere. After the initial hot gaseous ball of fire, the earth gradually cooled and over time, evolved into its present composition. Early on, the atmospheric gases hydrogen and helium escaped earth’s gravitational attraction and diffused into space. Later, because of volcanic activity, carbon dioxide (CO2) became a major component (plus other gases); its concentration was much higher than it is today. Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide (incomplete oxidation) are inorganic carbon compounds. So carbon dioxide along with smaller amounts of methane, were major contributors to the greenhouse gases at the time. Without these gases, the earth would have remained a ball of ice. The sun at the time was only about 75% as bright as it is today. Life as we know it may not have evolved without the early high concentrations of carbon dioxide, producing the first greenhouse global warming.

Carbon has been around since the earliest days of the planet. Life (which is carbon based), in its infancy about three and a half billion years ago, formed as single cell microorganisms in the oceans that covered large portions of the planet. At first, life was anaerobic; the atmosphere was void of any measurable amount of oxygen. Oxygen was poisonous to these early life forms. Over time as carbon dioxide dissolved in the oceans and was fixed in rocks, new life forms evolved that used the energy from the sun to convert carbon dioxide and water (photosynthesis) into a new form of carbon (carbohydrates) and oxygen. Without CO2, plant life would not exist, therefore Man would not exist. The atmosphere evolved into its present composition of 21 percent oxygen, 78 percent nitrogen, 0.93 percent argon and 0.04 percent carbon dioxide.

Today there are about ten million organic (carbon) compounds including DNA (the foundation of life), proteins, carbohydrates (sugars) and lipids. This includes the organic compounds that make up microorganisms, plant and animal species. In addition, many organic compounds have been made by Man. Countless beneficial products have resulted from synthesizing organic chemicals, medicines such as penicillin-like antibiotics (pharmaceuticals), and polymers used in tires, clothing, furniture, floor coverings, vinyl siding, containers to preserve food plus many other uses. Steel an alloy made of iron and a small amount of carbon, is used for building ships, cars, buildings and planes. Looking to the future, carbon nanotubes (cylindrical carbon molecules) may be used to replace carbon steel, due to the fact they are stronger than steel. Furthermore, carbon nanotubes have electrical properties that make them a possible replacement for copper electrical wiring and microcircuitry (computers). In summary, carbon has many beneficial uses; life itself and our quality and quantity of life would not exist and/or would be limited without carbon.

So carbon is more complicated than just the word “carbon” or the carbon footprint. What environmentalists are talking about, are excessive carbon dioxide, methane and other byproducts, out of the millions of beneficial carbon compounds. Carbon dioxide is a natural byproduct of oxidation and respiration (life forms), part of the carbon chemical cycle. Is Man the major contributor to the present increases in carbon dioxide and in addition to other pollutants, causing global change (global warming)? During The Cretaceous Period, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, CO2 levels were five to ten times higher than they are today. In addition, approximately 55 million years ago, (Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum (PETM)), there was a major magnitude of global warming. Massive amounts of carbon dioxide were added to the atmosphere long before the advent of the automobile and dramatically changed the climate. No one is disputing today's global change, and that man has a role in what might be happening. But the earth has gone through a number of cycles of global heating and cooling. The last ice age ended about ten thousand years ago and ushered in Modern Man. The debate is not over, it has just started.

However, regardless of the fact that we might be in a cycle of global warming, we have to look to renewable clean resources of energy but at the same time, we have to bridge the change with continued use of domestic fossil fuels. Solar, wind, cellulosic ethanol, hydraulic (water) turbines, nuclear, coal (with CO2 sequestration), natural gas, and petroleum can used in concert with conservation and recycling, to solve our domestic energy requirements. The War on Terrorism and our weakened Economy, demand that we don't do anything rash.

Modern science is based on theories, laws and models. However, our understanding of science is in a constant state of evolution. Our comprehension (knowledge) of what is happening in the Universe (and on Earth), continues to changed and be updated; only time will tell if we are moving in the right direction, including global change. Man has to continue to make observations, collect data and interpret the data objectively. Using the Scientific Method is the only way to obtain objective knowledge. Scientific debate must never cease, if it does, then we are no longer talking about scientific knowledge but a belief system (religion). In this last situation, the scientists are replaced by the priests, the high priests of global warming.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is Barack the Flim-Flam-Man, the Pied Piper, a snake oil salesman or the man to take charge?

I wrote an earlier article in which I thought Borack Obama might be the right person for the change in our leadership (link). But since then, new information into the inner thoughts and beliefs of Obama are emerging (link). It must pointed out that one can’t paint all people of a skin color, ethnicity, political persuasion religion or any other category, as the same. However, There are those who collectively want to impose their racial and bigotry concepts on others. Bigotry and racism are not the sole possession of the right. Why is it, blacks on the right, such as Colin Powell (link) and Condoleezza Rice (link) are hated by blacks (the majority) on the left. Why are some black people, who have very light complexions like Alicia Keyes, attacking whites (link)?

Who is the real Barack Obama, what does he believe about racism, loyalty and America? What are his true feelings, what impact did his early Islamic background, his association with white and Jewish hate mongers, have on his beliefs (link)? His past association with an American terrorist (link), his upbringing and life experiences, in totality leads one to believe that he may not be the right person to lead this country. Recently, Obama told a group of elitists in San Francisco, about people in the Midwest, as Middle class Americans, they cling to their guns and clothe themselves in the belief of a hell and brimstone god (link). He further stated, Midwest Americans are against foreigners or anyone that is different. He implied they are bitter white people, mad, mad as hell because their way of life is disappearing. Is Barack Obama right or is he the Flim-Flam-Man who is trying to sell his followers a bill of goods. Are his followers wearing blinders and want change and don’t care what change brings. Is he the Pied Piper, whose tune has hypnotized the masses? Is he nothing more than a snake oil salesman? Or does he have the answer and knows how to lead this country to a new enlighten future?

The First and Second Amendments of the Constitution give us certain rights (link). These rights include, ownership of guns if we choose and the right to believe or not in God. We have the right to worship God if we choose to. We are a country of immigrants, but we have a right to be concern about illegal immigration. We have the right to be bitter about the lose of jobs, and outsourcing of jobs.

So we have two groups of people, the bitter right of center who are recoiling in their shells and the left of center who believe it is their time, that Barack is the new Godless messiah who will lead them to the land of milk and honey. But in order for this to happen, the past has to be regurgitated and the transgressions of the white man have to be put on trial. In the barbershops, in the black churches and in black music, the proponents of hate whitie, are prevalent. The enlighten whites are flocking to fall in line behind Barack. Some are the young idealists and others are the rich and famous, others are the educated elitists. They all feel that it is time to correct the sins of the white man.

At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I thought maybe the country is ready for a person of color. But when the revelations of about his spiritual advisor became apparent and his associates who also advocate hatred for this country and for white people, causes one to pause and ask, who is this man? What does change mean to him, what change is he advocating? Is the new Utopia going to be at the expense of the white man and his way of life? Are we to pay reparations for the past? I thought Barack and Michelle were the vanguard of the new upper class of the blacks, who because of their success, were going to lead the way for other blacks. Setting the example, of how people of all ethnicities have the potential to achieve the American dream. But it looks like more of the same, the outing of one section of society for another. The past has to be included in the study of history so that we don’t make the same mistakes in the future. But, to live in the past is not the answer. If Barack Obama is going to be the vanguard of change, then he has to look to the future not the past.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

When the Man drops the hammer on you

I'm writing this as an article because I'm trying to defend myself from the Man. If you have ever been accused of something and your accusers are police personnel, it is a lose-lose situation. Once you fall out of the circle of Law Enforcement employment, it can be worse than being treated like a convicted criminal. They can always use the excuse, that they had to do what they did or what they are going to do.

Last night, I received a phone call from a friend of mine who still works for the Denver Police Crime Laboratory. He told me that he is about to retire and we talked about what he is going to do when he retires. He also said that he could now talk about statements that were made in his presence (a meeting where several people were present), about an e-mail (last February) that I had sent to him, supervisory members of the Crime laboratory and the Denver Police Department. It is chilling to know what they still think of me and the possible ramifications. Law enforcement has almost unlimited powers.

Here is a copy of the most recent e-mail that I sent to my friend.


Here is the posting you asked for.
The e-mail below was rewritten on 2-21-08 and posted on Zimbio as an article. I felt that I had nothing to hide and I was willing to let the world know what happened. I now know what they (DPD Lab) said when they read the e-mail (below), that I'm out of my mind and I'm still a threat. I think I will send a copy to the ACLU and the Colorado Attorney General's office. I may have to hire a lawyer, to file a deformation of character case plus protect myself from any physical force or action, they may bring against me. Without do process, they have found me guilty. It is apparent that they will not let this go away, that I have been branded for life and there is nothing I can do, unless I take legal action. If not for myself then for my wife.

A person has to fight for what is right. I can't have this false allegation (that I'm a threat and I might perpetrate violence in the future) hanging over my head. As crazy as these people appear to be, I have to protect Diane and myself, using legal actions. It is ironic that according to the newspapers, a Denver city employee, who put a knife to the throat of another city employee, is still working for the city. As I have pointed out before, the pen is mightier than the sword. Violence is not the way to settle things.

If these people who have guns and badges, paint me as a threat, what keeps them from acting on the premise that I have to be neutralized in one way or another. Forget the fact, the police psychologist found that I was not a threat to myself or anyone else. Or that I had verbally and in writing, asked for help in my fight against work place harassment (in the form of age discrimination) almost three years ago, from the very same people who are now saying, that I'm a present and future threat.

In conclusion, having worked for an agency for almost 34 years, one would have thought, that I would have had some friends. Maybe I deserved everything I got, or I worked with or for, "the Demons in Hell". Even though, I still have a copy of my certificate of "The 1995 Civilian Employee of the Year for the Denver Police Department", my name has been removed from the placard down in the entrance of the Denver Police Department Administration Building. I also understand, that right after I left, any pictures or other references to me, were removed from the laboratory by the order of the current Laboratory Director. Like in Stalinist Russia, when the Communists purged someone, they removed anything that reflected or gave reference to the person who was purged. That person was “Persona non grata”, he never existed. I wouldn't be surprised if my published Laboratory Reference Texts ((with my name (co-author) on the front of the hardbound manuals)), which were in the instrumentation room, were purged (I was responsible for the organic instrumentation section for over twenty five years). Like in Communist Russia, I'm that person “Persona non grata”, I never existed. Regardless of the fact there is scientific literature and even Web sites that prove the person in question, existed. I guess I'm lucky; I didn't get a bullet through the back of the head? If you know your Soviet Union history, getting shot in the head preceded having your name and identity purged.
wdmll "Professional Experience" link, click here
Other links for wdmll, click here
Web page for wdmll, click here
There are a number of links to my Arson Analysis Presentation that I developed, when I was employed by the Denver Police Department Crime Laboratory. Some are found in the above links and on other sites. This "Persona non grata" non-existent individual contributed to the Laboratory in a number of ways, over a period of thirty-four years. The Organic Instrumentation Laboratory Section was transformed from a small laboratory environment to a large modern laboratory environment, under my management. I'm confident that even though the Laboratory would have grown over time, it would not be one half (even one fourth) of what is today without my presence, guidance and endeavors. The arson analysis program that I started and ran was one of the best in the nation (go to link; taken from my Arson Analysis Presentation, go to slide #31). The multitude and complexity of "State of the Art" instrumentation for testing controlled substances (drugs) and other physical evidence was the result of my creativity and expertise. One of the laboratory’s major crime fighting tools grew from one gas chromatographic mass spectrometer to an array of gas chromatographic mass spectrometers (go to link). Virtually few crime laboratories if any, of any size in the nation have more gas chromatographic mass spectrometers per analyst than the Denver Police Department Crime Laboratory. These instruments are used for a variety of different types of physical evidence. Other instruments include spectrophotometers (go to link) and etc. Data is collected and displayed by sophisticated computer systems (go to link)। So my legacy in the Denver Police Crime Laboratory speaks for itself, even to this day. They might try to discredit what I’m saying, but they cannot deny the truth.

The following is an earlier article I wrote:

Personal insight into myself, in an e-mail that I wrote's+Crisis/articles/79/Personal+insight+myself+e+mail+wroteWritten by wdmll on Feb-21-08 5:55pm

This is an e-mail that I'm sending to several people, to some to say hey look at what I have done (an e-mail to you, family and friends). And to others (DPD), that I'm not a monster or killer waiting in the shadows. I have always been able to vent my frustrations through writing and not through violence (the pen not the sword). Go back and look at what I wrote to management and HR or you can review what the police psychologist had to say about me (not a threat to myself or anyone else). It has taken me almost three years to hold my head up and say, I'm innocent of the charges and all the doubters and cynics can lump it. All I was asking for at the time, was to be given the "benefit of doubt" and allowed to voice my side. I know that there are always two sides, but no one was willing to listen to what I had to say. Because of age discrimination I was harassed and when I raised my voice in a non-politically correct way, all hell broke loose. I have always voiced my concerns when backed into a corner or have had strong convictions about certain issues (see my current articles or writings on Zimbio pertaining to my concerns about illegal immigration and Islam). But instead of being run out of town as I was in 2005, I'm having my writings featured before a large audience. Had I thought that someone, anyone, just one person would have just extended a hand of friendship (support) during the last month of my employment (DPD) or during the last couple of years when I was facing the schoolyard bullies, maybe management could have seen what was going on.

Zimbio in BusinessWeek’s Best of the Web २००६
I have just copied the front page of Zimbio ( ), where my wikizine (Web magazine) “Non-Politically Correct View of America’s Crisis”'s+Crisis , is featured. (This honor is fleeting because of the number of incoming articles and new Wikizines)

It is projected that up to 40 million visitors will access Zimbio in the coming year. This site (the wikizine -- an interactive magazine that anyone can create or edit.) covers the entire spectrum of news categories, current events, politics, science, personalities, religion, Hollywood and just about anything that people want to write about or read about. It is not a conservative or liberal site. However, a magazine (wikizine) with articles like mine, have a limited audience due to the fact that many people may not want to read about serious issues like mine. Most people want to read about positive topics; articles about illegal immigration and Islam are not popular. So to have my articles featured (my wikizine), tells me that my writings and topics must have caught the attention of the editors of Zimbio. I have also received praise from Helium, another site for up and coming writers, but I didn’t believe I stood a chance with Zimbio. I don’t receive monitory benefits for my work, but that is not important. Even though, I have scientific publications and presentations under my belt, to have recognition for my political commentary is very satisfying. Being retired, sitting at home until my wife gets home from work (I do workout and keep active) and with minimal contact, writing keeps my mind active and gives me a positive outlook on life.

If you want to give this to any one else, go ahead (maybe they will be relieved to know that I have taken up other activities and I'm not plotting to do anyone in Ha, Ha). Update - For anyone who doesn't like the last non-politically correct statement, how do you think I feel being labeled a monster, someone who is a threat waiting to materialize? I have to wear this label for the rest of my life. No time off for good behavior, no reprieve, no pardon and no statute of limitations. (added 4-10-08)

I can now say that my Post Traumatic Stress is basically behind me. My name has been trashed and I will never get it back. I'm still looking for a job, but as time goes by, my age and the cloud that hangs over me, are against me. I have turned down a few chances at getting a job, in fear that the alleged "incident" would be discovered. Apparently, the concept of “schoolyard bullies” is now being looked at in this country. Back in 2005, Britain had laws against “schoolyard bullies” in the workplace and allowed employees to bring about a grievance (to HR) or in defense of alleged threats. One would think that after almost three years, I would get another chance (even a convicted criminal gets a second chance), but like a child predator, this allegation hangs around my neck like an albatross or the scarlet letter on my forehead. But I can now hear about a mass shooting and not go into a total panic, thinking that the SWAT team is out side my house. The nightmares are not as frequent. I still keep my ACLU card with their telephone number near by, for fear that I might run into one of my fellow former employees who are still willing to lie about what happened (or what was going to happen).

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Is Barack Obama the person to takeover the reins of the United States of America?

I have been watching the throngs of Barack Obama supporters as they swell the political gatherings. They appear go be in the presence of the man that is going to take this country forward, to leave behind the shackles of the past. He is the champion to mend the divide between the races. The past is the past and the future leads to the land of milk and honey. Where a person’s creed, race and social, economic standing, will not stand in his or her way, in the new world of change. Obama is the vehicle of change that will erase all the injustices of the past. The white man can ease his conscience for the sins of his father and his father’s father. The black man can now standup and say it is time, time for the oppression of the black man to end. This country is now ready for a man of color to lead us all.

So Obama is that man, his shining torch will lead the way. But what do we really know about this man. He is very successful, both he and his wife are highly educated and they appear to have the perfect family. The American dream that should be available to everyone apparently has been achieved by the Obamas.

He has had a different upbringing than most African Americans. He was born in Hawaii to a white mother and a Kenyan Father. His mother, not an advocate of religion, was a self-proclaimed atheist nor was his father, a devoted Muslim. His parents divorced when Obama was of a very young age. Obama and his family went to Indonesia where Obama spent a few years in different schools. His racial make up would not have been an ethnic obstacle in his younger years in Hawaii or Indonesia. Through his stepfather, he was exposed to Islam. This was, by at times, going to the local Mosque with his stepfather and limited Islamic study at one of the schools that he attended. This all ended in 1971 when he brought to the United States.

Obama was afforded an exceptional education at both Columbia University and Harvard Law School, were he excelled. Early on, he became a civil rights lawyer and worked in community affairs. He made his way into politics both in the Illinois State Senate and as the U.S. Junior Senator from Illinois in 2004. Here we are today, Obama one of the leading candidates for the Democratic Bid for the White House.

Barack Obama and his wife are examples of how hard work can lead to the White House. In spite of the obstacles, many minorities have faced in the past; the present and the future appear to be brighter. So why are we hearing about their church minister and how he hates whites and this country is the curse of the earth? Recently, Michelle Obama has made statements about this country that might be explained by the twenty years of exposure to The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor of Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. So is Michelle the window into the inner thoughts of Barack Obama? Has Barack Obama’s upbringing and long association with the likes of Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. and others, created an anomaly contrary to the best interests of this country. Is he the person to takeover the reins of the United States of America?

Monday, March 10, 2008

Adam the first human, the first Muslim

The Muslims believe that Adam, “the first man” was the first Muslim. According to some Muslims, Adam built the original Ka’ba (seven to eight thousand years ago?). Hadiths and Muslim scholars of that time, also said the age of the earth was about six or seven to eight thousand years old (similar to the age in the Old Testament). Because of what Western science has determined, Muslims now say the earth is 4.5 billion years old and you have to understand that the Qur’an meant (Allah’s creation took six days) 4.5 billion years, if you twist the words around. That makes the Ka’ba the oldest and best built building in the World. However, I do believe that there are now Muslims who believe as Western science believes, modern man came out of Africa a million years ago and/or a couple hundred thousand years ago. All you have to do is go back and look at the Qur’an and realize, time as it is today, was different back then (4.5 billion, one million, two hundred thousand or six thousand years ago?), that still makes the Ka’ba pretty old. You can’t beat Islamic science and technology back then or as it is in the world today. Also with the Ka’ba located in Mecca, why isn’t it located in Kenya Africa where modern Man first appeared?

Adam was the first human given the knowledge of Allah, but this knowledge was lost. According to Islam, the Old and New Testaments are also the Word of Allah but the Jews and the Christians (later) corrupted the books. Why did Allah allow this to happen? As stated in the Qur'an, Abraham (of the Old Testament) and Ishmael were commanded by Allah to rebuild the Ka’ba. The Ka'ba was the first place on earth appointed as a house of worship. Why didn't Allah command the Prophet Moses and his people, to go to Mecca? Why didn't the Prophet Jesus journey to Mecca during his lifetime? When the Qur’an was written after the Gospels, Jesus’ mother was said to be the sister (Miriam) of Moses. The Qur’an confuses Mary, mother of Jesus, with Mary (Miriam), sister of Aaron and Moses, in the Old Testament. But again this is to be taken symbolically; the Qur’an has no errors in it and you have to give the Qur’an some slack. It is the only book in the world that has no errors, it was written by Allah, right?

It is said by some, Muhammad and his followers wrote the Qur’an, they plagiarized the Testaments; they didn’t have any concept of time pertaining to the bible and mankind before civilization. When they were rewriting the bible (the Qur’an) they didn’t consult with Jewish and Christian scholars, was that a blunder or was it done on purpose? One can talk about the errors in the bible but the Muslims compounded the errors by plagiarizing the bible and putting their own slant (reformation) on the bible. They called the new uncorrupted version of God’s (Allah) message, “the Qur’an” and declared Muhammad the new Prophet. Therefore, even though the Old Testament and the Gospels are also the Word of Allah, somehow Allah allowed the Jews and Christians to corrupt his word, they were evil and wicked people!

Isn’t convenient that the Christians got the story about the Prophet Jesus wrong. Jesus was not the Son of God but only a Prophet like Muhammad and a lesser Prophet. Jesus did not die on the cross; he did not die for the sins of Man. If Jesus was only a man, but a man like Buddha, with insight as to what God is and how we should live our lives, he would be disappointed and sadden by what many Christians did in the name of God and mortified by the vulcanization, distortion and misrepresentation by Islam. You can point out that the Christians also made the Old Testament obsolete, so what Islam did to the Gospels was no different. However, the world doesn’t have 2 billion Christians threatening (maybe in the past), the world with submission, oppression and possible death. But it does have 1.4 billion Muslims looking to the day when Allah rules the World.

It is said that you can find the speed of light and the big bang theory in the Qur’an, if you twist the words around enough. The problem is, today, Islam is using modern Western science to validate the Qur’an at the expense of Western religion. If you are a Christian, you can’t view the world through modern science but if you are a Muslim, modern science is revealed in the Qur’an. As to the original messages and dates in the Torah (bible) and the Qur’an, the civilization of the Fertile Crescent didn’t emerge until after the last ice age of ten thousand years ago. So the time frames found in both Judaism and Islam are understandable, if one is using the texts as a moral compass but understand that Modern science is revealing the true age and nature of the Universe. Was there a cosmic intelligence that created the Universe and is this Universal Consciousness hardwired to each and every being on earth and the rest of the Universe? There are billion and billions of heavenly bodies in the vast universe. So what difference does it make what we call the Cosmic Consciousness, is it God or a number of Gods, is it male or female? As Man looks to the heavens, he has seen the face of god as Buddha, the Great Spirit, Jehovah, Allah, Jesus and other deities. But it is looking back on all of us without favoritism, for if there is a Cosmic Consciousness, it sees us all, as his children.

Man the highest form of life on earth and possibly the Universe is evolving, possibly evolving into the image of God. Man can now procreate in a test tube; he is unraveling the code of life. The creation of life might be in his grasp, death, as we know it may be altered. Man may some day travel and colonize the Universe. Earth may be the Garden of Eden and as we gain the knowledge of God, we may have to leave our earthly birthplace, as the earth is overpopulated and polluted. As Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, maybe the grand design is for man to populate other planets and colonize the Universe. Adam and Eve were not Muslims, they represent the first humans and like children, they were void of prejudges caused by religion.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Band plays on as Sharia Law, marches into Europe

Danish police have uncovered a plot to kill one of the Danish cartoonists, involved in the illustrations of the Prophet Muhammad, two years ago.

The above is just one of many recent examples, of Islamic followers willing to kill, in the name of Islam. Since the dawn of Islam, its followers have taken up the sword, to carry out the teachings of the Qur’an and the teachings of Muhammad. The act of killing without guilt or reflection is justified or a right, when there has been a violation of Sharia law or insult of Islam. The actions of the assassins have no international boundaries, even if it is not carried out in a Muslim country. To the zealots, Sharia Law is above all other laws.

In the Qur’an and the teachings of Muhammad there is only one God, Allah and Sharia law. The people of the book (the Jews and the Christians) plus all other nonbelievers of the World are under the yoke of Islam. So why doesn’t the non-Muslim world see what is in store, if the Muslim world gets its way? One sees almost daily occurrences locally or internationally, where governments or communities are required to submit to the edicts of Islam. This goes beyond political correctness; Islam requires that the non-Muslim world submit to its way of life.

The World has surpassed the achievements of the Golden Age of Islam. Western Science, Technology and Democracy have long surpassed the accomplishments of Islam. Is the World willing to step back in time, to a place and time of oppression and submission, to the laws of Islam?

The changing of the guard is about to take place and no one is watching, so the band plays on, as we sink in the quagmire of Islamic domination.